Our mission is to create innovative digital entertainment products for a wide range of fans and enthusiasts of competitive and amateur sports.

We target all products on the global market providing realism and incredible emotions worthy of the biggest sports events.
It was a memorable year 1995: Polish football experienced another, after the Olympic medal in 1992, a small success, this time a club success - the great Legia Warsaw led by Leszek Pisz advanced to the Champions League as the first Polish club. Those were beautiful moments and unforgettable stadium emotions.
At that time, it was a completely different world technologically, the Internet was unknown, available only to a few, times where Amiga computers still reigned, and PCs were still mainly under MS DOS control, games sold in boxes with a lot of floppy disks.

In such circumstances, the first Polish manager was established - Liga Polska Manager 95, where it was possible to lead a team from the Polish league for the first time. The game was a great success, widely played, and provided a lot of emotions.

Now, after many years, I am returning to the gaming market with the hope of delivering equally exciting products, but this time on the global market.


Rafał Cymerman, CEO

PlayWay is one of the leading producers and publishers of computer and mobile games in Poland. The company was founded in 2011, so far it has produced and released many games that have been sold or downloaded around the world in a circulation of tens of millions of pieces.
Company is founded by Krzysztof Kostowski, which has been working in the gaming industry from 1991. In October 2016, Playway is listed at Warsaw Stock Exchange and joined an index of 40 largest companies of Poland
Robert Lewandowski, the best football player in the world, winner of The Best FIFA Men's Player 2020 award, is among the founders of our company. A football legend who won all possible club titles, the leader of the Polish national team.
Robert actively participates in the development of the company, supports projects with his substantive knowledge, and consults solutions. Together, we create the value of the company, we strive to create unique solutions in terms of substantive content and technological solutions.